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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - No End In Sight To Economic Devastation - NOV 2016

East Med September 2016 / Syria / Economy

The Syrian economy has yet to bottom, as the intensification of fighting around Aleppo adds to the devastation and financial resources of all fighting parties continue to evaporate. The economic situation of Syrian households is also rapidly deteriorating, especially in regime strongholds, amid the depreciation of the Syrian pound and the cut in subsidies.


Economic Analysis - Little Economic Benefit From Smoother Tightening Cycle - NOV 2016

Gulf September 2016 / Saudi Arabia / Economy

Saudi Arabia will benefit only marginally from the US Federal Reserve delaying and downsizing its hiking cycle. SAMA will be able to align its monetary policy on a smoother tightening cycle, but this will do little to get the Saudi economy out of the doldrums.