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Key stories from this month's issue...

Political Risk Analysis - Scenario: US-Russia Clash In Syria - DEC 2016

East Med October 2016 / Global / Political Risk

Direct US military intervention against the Assad regime in Syria would greatly increase the risk of a deadly clash between US and Russian forces. Although any such incidents would most likely be contained, they would send shockwaves through the international community.


Long-Term Political Outlook - Mounting Challenges Over The Next Decade - JAN 2017

Gulf November 2016 / Saudi Arabia / Economy

Political risk in Saudi Arabia will increase substantially over the next ten years, but the al-Saud family will retain control of the state's apparatus. The country will embark on far-reaching economic and social reforms, which will transform Saudi Arabian society, and erode the welfare state. The risk of seeing conservative forces lash back will increase as reforms progress, while tensions with Iran will persist, and impact Saudi Arabia's Shi'a minority.