Political Risk Analysis - Netanyahu To Remain In Power For Now, Despite Corruption Allegations - NOV 2017

BMI View: Corruption allegations facing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu do not pose a direct threat to the Israeli government ' s stability, with Netanyahu affirming that he will not resign, and the coalition reiterating its support. Meanwhile, the prime minister will likely continue adopting assertive policies towards the Palestinian s to appease coalition partners - which in turn will raise risks of Palestinian unrest.

We do not believe that this Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu facing the threat of an indictment for corruption poses a direct risk to the stability of the government coalition, with the head of the coalition having reaffirmed his support for the prime minister, and assertive policies towards the Palestinians boosting support from ultra-orthodox and nationalist parties. That said, this rightward shift of the government will continue to fuel the ongoing trend of polarisation within Israeli society, and raise risks of Palestinian unrest.

Netanyahu Facing Serious Corruption Allegations...

Rising Influence Of Ultra-Orthodox Parties
Israel - Seats Repartition At The Knesset
Source: BMI

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