Political Risk Analysis - UN Resolution Will Put Few Constraints On Israel - MAR 2017

BMI View: The adoption of a UN resolution condemning Israeli set tlements in the West Bank will put few practical constrain t s on Israel, given the non-binding nature of recommendation s and a forthcoming sharp shift in US policies towards Israel , once Donald Trump takes office. Trump's support for Israel and the West Bank settlements risks further undermining prospects for peace, with the two-state solution likely to remain , at best, dormant under his presidency.

The resolution of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) condemning Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank is largely a symbolic gesture, but risks heightened violence in the West Bank in the years ahead, should it prompt backlash and a more hardline Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. On December 23, the US, which had opposed a similar resolution in 2011, decided not to veto the UNSC resolution condemning settlements, which was subsequently adopted with 14 votes, including the four other permanent members of the council. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a speech on December 28 criticising settlements as severely undermining the peace process, and reiterating the conditions for a two-state solution.

Resolution I mplications Symbolic As Obama's Term Nears Its End

Areas Under Palestinian Control Gradually Shrinking
Israel - Map Of Settlements
Source: UN OCHA, BMI

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